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I’m using this blog for the purpose of analysis of the news and current events to draw out their connections.  Since this is one of those blogs that deals with current events, I plan on updating it weekly, based on news and events.  I’m not limiting it to any particular topic, such as economics and finance or political affairs and anthropological discoveries.  Rather I wish to draw in relevant threads for the reader on issues.  My blog is dedicated to globally relevant issues as much as domestic issues, so some weeks I might have a focus on American news while other weeks it will focus on other nations and transnational or global news stories. 

This is my public blog so I request that my readers do not post obscene materials, pick fights, spam my posts, or otherwise make a mess of the blog.  I appreciate new insights and leads from readers on topics, but no posting anything I mentioned earlier.  I welcome requests assuming they come with an introduction to the material. 


Enjoy my blog.

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