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Introduction to the Site

Hi all,

Welcome to Globalization Weekly, where I take a look into international affairs to analyze current events.  I started this website a few years back in 2013, but did not have much time to keep up with a website.  Now I do, and as part of that I also have some experience with digital media to make my content less academic and more engaging.  This website is being updated and upgraded for my research and interests.

Each week will be something new as well as a continuation of some key subjects.  I will draw upon both current issues and those I think are buried in the news or might otherwise be overlooked.    This is also my own analyses, so expect an inter-disciplinary approach to the topics.  Everything is more complicated than merely mono-perspectives, so expect an international issue being sized up with healthy doses of Anthropology, Economics, Business, and even Geography, as an example.  I want to see how things work and will be sharing that with you, Reader.

Lastly, this is my site and everything I write is my opinion based on what I have studied and found through sources.  I will make sure to have a Work Cited or in-text links for you to follow.  I also will make an effort to avoid paywall sources and others that might are not openly accessible either online or in texts and books.  All information will be present and accessible to someone with Internet and a library.

Now without further ado, welcome to Global Affairs Weekly!


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