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New Project!

So yes, I have been away for a while and have not really been focused on writing.

So anyway, I plan on spending several weeks researching a new project topic.  The Silk Road Initiative, a project started by China to reinvigorate and intensify the traditional Silk Road for the 21st Century.  If this project succeeds, it could mean economic prosperity for billions and perhaps some unexpected geopolitical consequences.

For this project, I intend to analyze the social, political, economic, and environmental aspects of the project.  Will the increased trade be one way?  Will the newest environmental technology from the West make its’ way to India and Central Asia along this new Silk Road?  Will China and other Asian participants include non traditional members such as Latin America and Africa?  I want to address these questions and plan on doing so by March.

I will be posting updates and drafts of what I learn, and a references page will be available.  I think I could also post some facts about the historic Silk Road, such as the earliest trade goods and the major players from different periods.  That could give a good comparison with this new project and how things have developed since the earliest times and also what types of trades each player in this road will be exchanging.




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