Global Tech Stories (December 14, 2021)

Here’s what’s going on in the world of technology for this Tuesday.

Goldman Sachs’s Eric Sheridan gives predictions on what he expects will come with the Metaverse. Great predictions that make the stuff of science fiction sound more plausible like interacting in real-time across the globe with avatars and many new ways to interact with the Internet.

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The National Science Foundation and Brave Software have developed an open-source tool to fight privacy invasive scripts. SugarCoat, targets scripts that harm privacy, such as tracking scripts, and replaces them with scripts that mirror the original scripts minus the privacy invasive properties. It was designed to be integrated with privacy focused browsers, like Firefox, Tor, and Brave as well as browser extensions such as uBlick Origin.

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From iPhones to the Mars Rover, these programs are in everything. Yet there is a new and dangerous flaw discovered in the LOG4J, a Java open-source library. Even if a patch is made, the ubiquity of this program will make this a vulnerability for a long time.

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Green Hydrogen could be the missing link for renewable energy and making the world carbon neutral. Here’s how.

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An Israeli firm developed a way to store solar energy and power homes at night. The secret lies with the use of air.

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Japanese company is creating power suits that move with the body and detects where the body needs assistance.

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