Global Tech Stories (February 8, 2022)

Here’s what’s going on in the world of technology for this Tuesday.

MIT scientists created a new material that is as light as plastic and with a yield strength twice that of steel. This new material can be produced in large quantities and impermeable to gases.

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The University of Delaware has developed a hydrogen powered carbon filtration and capture device that captures 99% of carbon dioxide from the air. The device could scale for different applications such as cars, spacecraft, submarines and other machines.

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A new form of targeted medicine has been developed in a collaborative between Australian Centre for Blood Diseases at Monash University and TU Graz (Austria). The metal-organic framework antibody-drug delivery system is a crystal that latches onto a targeted cell and dissolves, exposing only the targeted cell to the drug or chemical.

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A new AI coding program, AlphaCode, could perform almost as well as a human in writing code. However, AI is still not ready to replace human coders.

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Patients with spinal cord injuries may walk again in the next few years with personalized implants. Researchers at Tel Aviv University’s Sagol Center for Regenerative Biotechnology developed 3-D spinal cord tissue that can be implanted and restore walking ability to lab models with long-term chronic paralysis with an 80% success. For lab models with acute paralysis, the implants were successful in restoring walking abilities 100% of the time.

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